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Business Strategy

Arpit provides strategic consulting to clients in areas such as digital transformation(CTO), MVP definition, product ideation(CPO), product monetization, and go-live strategies(CMO).


Arpit specializes in building high-performing teams and driving revenue growth. He offers coaching and mentoring to help executives and IT professionals

AI & Emerging Tech

Arpit has a strong expertise in identifying AI & Emerging Tech trends and helps businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Future Forward -  AI & Emerging Tech Newsletter

Future Forward newsletter aims to help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends in emerging technologies. Subscribe to the newsletter today and never miss a beat!

Here's what you can expect in each new issue of the Emerging Tech & AI Newsletter:

  • A summary of the top AI / emerging technology news from the past week.

  • Introductory details/Primer on any emerging technology or a key topic in AI.

  • Examples of how AI is being used or How it will impact the future.



Arpit is a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Product Officer (CPO) consultant with over 16 years of experience in the tech industry. He specializes in guiding businesses towards success in the tech landscape by providing innovative solutions that align with both business and technical needs. Arpit operates worldwide and specializes in CTO consulting.


In addition to his professional roles, Arpit is an enthusiastic supporter of early-stage investments in startups, particularly in sustainable fashion, clean energy, people tech, web3, media tech/content creation, legal tech, and ed-tech. 


To learn more about Arpit, visit his LinkedIn profile at

For any technology-related assistance, please reach out via email to arpit.goliya[at]


If you're seeking guidance or investment, please don't hesitate to contact him at arpitg.smp18[at]

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